Anna Bett Moore


ABAnna Bett Moore developed a love for art + design at an early age and continues to develop her creative talents as a contemporary abstract artist based in Charleston, South Carolina.

She enjoys experimenting with different mediums and her work is constantly evolving as a result of her creative explorations. She is best known for her layers and heavy use of texture, intending to force each viewer to slow down and appreciate the details.  Anna Bett is primarily drawn to the juxtaposition of negative space + vibrant color that evokes a sense of struggle between balance + chaos. She creates organically, setting all “rules” aside and allowing her brush to take over and her mind to rest. Her work pairs well with a variety of aesthetics and she enjoys working with designers and collectors to create the perfect one-of-a-kind piece.

Anna Bett’s work can be seen hanging on the walls at Studio Shoppe and in the homes of collectors around the world.