STUDIO SHOPPE: the birth of a collaborative space


About a year and a half ago, Teeny Morrison was looking for a small office space for her Interior Design business. She had heard of a rental opportunity in a former bank on King Street due to be transformed into luxury apartments. When she came to visit the three story building the landlord told her “the ground level holds the original vault and is incredible, but you would need 10 artists to fill the space”. 

Teeny immediately had a vision. It took her about 24 hours to gather a group of artist friends for the project. The Vault on King was born in April 2018 with 10 talented women specializing in an array of creative talents. 

Because we all knew the rental was temporary as the building went through permitting, we made the most of each day, working together as a strong collaborative team. 10 strong creative women working hand in hand without drama! Can you believe that? It sounds crazy but we enjoyed every bit of it!

More than a co-working space, The Vault was also a place to call home. Where we could be ourselves, discuss different aspects of our individual businesses and personal life, and let our creativity express freely.  No rules, no boss, a haven where anything was possible! 

We quickly realized we could combine our skills to create something more than an office space: 

The Vault became a creative playground where local art exhibitions mixed with design events, fashion shows, entrepreneurial business meetings, live music concerts, non profit events and birthday parties. It has been SUCH A YEAR and we could not be prouder!

We would like to mention these events would not have been possible without the help of many generous donors and sponsors as we did not really have anything to invest ourselves beside our hard work and ideas (!)

Last month, the end of an adventure marked the beginning of another one. We found an incredible opportunity open up in the quaint and charming Old Village of Mount Pleasant. 

We changed our name from The Vault on King to Studio Shoppe, a name that reflects the duality of our space as both a retail shop as well as a working studio for the members, 7 of us who stayed on board while others went to pursue other endeavors.

We are proud to welcome you all August 28th from 6 to 8pm to share with you our little piece of heaven where art, interiors, fashion, event planning, design services and personal styling go so well together in a cohesive place with infinite possibilities.


The Studio Shoppe Team