Rene Barnes

reneRene utilizes specific patterns & textures through her abstract artwork displayed at Studio Shoppe. Her intentions through her artwork are to transform her visualizations of her imagination into perceptual molds. Her pieces stimulate from a play on shapes and the balancing of asymmetrical lines. In addition to her paintings on display at Studio Shoppe, she can be commissioned to create a custom piece of artwork made specifically for your home. You can contact her at for all pricing and commission inquiries.

Additionally, Rene has expanded her creative flair as a personal stylist. As a personal stylist, she coordinates and selects clothing catered to your unique size, style, and taste. Beginning with wardrobe basics as a must, you will be pleased with her hand-picked options that will expand and refresh your seasonal basics, or have you looking exceptional in a custom-tailored suit.  Rene represents numerous high-end designers which allows for a unique and personalized experience. Her goal as a stylist is to ease your worry of having to think about what outfit you should be wearing. Instead, Rene encourages you to bottle up your energy for adventures, relationships, and achieving your aspirations! Take her advice and “Don’t be the smartest person in the room and not look à la mode.”

Get started with a complimentary consultation today.  Contact Rene by phone/text to 843-307-7733, or email